Gynecological Cancers



This Resource Section provides a basis of Education for Early Detection & Care of Gynecological Cancers.

The primary goal of the BWC, Inc. is to lend direct support to women and their families while undergoing treatment for gynecologic cancers. This cancer is known as the “Whispering” cancer or the Silent Killer, because the symptoms of this disease have proven difficult to self diagnose. It is often masked with normal bodily occurrences thus making it tricky to uncover. Silently by the time it is accurately diagnosed, the cancer is often at a more critical stage.

We are hopeful for a cure for the 7th leading cancer cause of death in Maryland. In the meantime, the BWC, Inc. will focus on ways to be of immediate service to you, the public. One important way is to support your efforts to obtain information on the signs, treatment, and prevention of such cancers. Thus, the BWC, Inc. will investigate educational resources and help navigate you to these alternative sources of information when in need.

Hopefully the links below will help to educate and possibly provide comfort in your journey…

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Gynecologic Cancer Links
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